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Royal Enfield enters the DTSi bandwagon

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Twin spark Royal Enfield bike
[ TNN ]WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 05, 2007 05:14:03 PMspacer.gif

NEW DELHI: The Chennai-based Royal Enfield has said it was developing an engine advancement similar to the digital twin spark ignition (DTSi) technology, which is at the centre of the row between Bajaj Auto and TVS.

Royal Enfield, the maker of the Bullet brand of lifestyle bikes, said an integrated engine and gear box unit is being developed, which will be based on the controversial twin-spark technology.

photomsid=2340479 According to sources in the automobile industry, Royal Enfield has developed a new twin spark engine for its 350cc engine that will power the new Thunderbird model, expected to hit the market in two months.

Talking to ET, Royal Enfield CEO RL Ravichandran said: "Despite being a twin-spark plug engine, our technology is totally opposite from that used by Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors.

Our engines have valves, while they (Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors) predominantly use overhead cams in their engines.

The twin spark plug technology is already in use for many decades and we have used it in our engine architecture to make it more efficient and make combustion easier."

Bajaj Auto had claimed that its technology has been copied by TVS Motors for its 125cc Flame bike.

TVS Motors had already asked the Appellate Board of the Patent office in Chennai to cancel Bajaj Auto

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