2009 F-1 Regs

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"pious champions" ??????

eeeee......people, no F1 champion was ever "pious"!!!!!!!!

alonso - NO

schumacher - hahaahha

senna - not a hope

prost - typically gallic knife-in-the-back

mansell - "i'm from GREAT britain...the world is mine. mine!"

kimi - "shut up and pass me the bottle"

lauda - "how much are u willing to pay me?"

hunt - "F*** off"

as for all the world champions past, how many of us actually ever saw them race?

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Gotta agree with Chub's here...

NO ONE in F1 is a saint... like the saying goes.. nice guy's finish last..

very true!

end of the day maybe that is what is expected of them? (after all no saint would be making the millions of $$$ these guys make smiley4.gif)

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