Indigo DICOR LS or Swift DEZIRE

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Hi everyone, <?:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

I visited TATA and Maruti showrooms. Found Indigo LS DICOR to be more comfortable but less Luxury. Earlier I had asked an independent driver of LS DICOR about the engine and the instant reply was "Bahut Mast Chalti Hai, have good pick up, maintenance cost is very low; mileage is 18/24 city/highway."

Found Swift DEZIRE to be more Luxurious but less comfy especially the rear seat. From front it is not at all impressive. New MULTIJET engine informed to be MORE REFINED than DICOR by the distributor.

TATA DICOR was almost 70 K cheaper than DEZIRE.

Should I buy DEZIRE sacrificing comfort or Indigo by sacrificing Luxury? My Family will definitely go for Indigo for comforts whereas I am slightly leaned towards DEZIRE.

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Heart says Dzire but the mind says indigo....tough decision for u then...But u can try the indigo CS if u can sacrifice about 150 litres of boot space...So between the cs and dzire,it would have to be the cs as its about a lac or more less than the dzire

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