Amaze or Aura? Which is best for 4 six foot adults travel together

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We are 4 adults and all are 6 foot tall with 32 inch waist. We are looking for 4m sub segment cars. Currently we got options as Aura and Amaze. Which car is suitable for us? If none what other options we have? Need your experts to suggest on head room, leg room and driver comfort. Thanks.

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1.Aura's interior is very similar to the grand I10 NIOS, but Hyundai has chosen a new color scheme, which makes me feel more beautiful.

In terms of function, Hyundai has launched an 8-inch touch screen that supports apple Carplay and Android auto. The car also features wireless phone charging, automatic climate control, a cooling glove box, and a rear wiper and washing machine. Other highlights include the adjustable height of the driver's seat and adjustable headrest, are more user-friendly.

Hyundai is offering aura a variable warranty, which will allow buyers to choose from three warranty periods: 3 years / 1 million km, 4 years / 50 000 km, or 5 years / 40 000 km. So you don't have to worry about the cost of car maintenance.

2.But Toyota Amaze's engine has better performance.

Everything is the same, from structure to material and even the bore size of an engine. It is an all aluminum engine designed to be the lightest of its kind. It uses a short skirt and lightweight pistons as well as a high-strength narrow crankshaft to reduce friction, which, by the way, is as much as Honda's own 1.5-liter gasoline engine. For India, Honda is committed to improving fuel economy and mid to low range driving performance. It has also been adjusted to better handle our fuel quality. The engine uses a small fixed geometry turbocharger, which can help it develop between 85-90bhp. The same engine will be used in the Brio MPV and the new city due in 2014, but thanks to the redesigned ECU, higher power and torque figures are available.

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