Cross Country Roadtrip / Delhi - Kanyakumari - Delhi

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COVID has taught us a lot. And among other things - it has taught us the Life is unpredictable. Life is short. 

So here I am - sharing my plan out. 

Autumn 2021.
30 Days. 10,000 kms.
An epic Road Trip.

Tentative Route: Delhi, Rajasthan, Kutchh, Mumbai, Goa, Konkan, Kerala, Kanyakumari, Tirupati, Puducherry, Odisha, Kolkata, Gangtok, Lucknow, Doon, Shimla, Punjab, Delhi 

The ride: Elantra 2016. Petrol, Stick shift. A Black beauty. 

Seeking fellow travelers with a Roadtrippin keeda.

Me: A social being, a corporate fella and part time Creativepreneuer with a love for driving. Looking to take some time off next year in a hopefully post COVID or a better world at least and get on the highways of India.

You: Someone who can drive and be an awesome company with preferably similar love for the highways of India. Someone who can click, appreciate and respect with mutual feelings. 

Intent: Explore the states, touch some awesome points. Click some beautiful pictures. And create some epic stories.

Ideally looking at three people on the trip and make great friends along the way.

So if you think this could be something to really rave about for the rest of your life, ping me.

I have one potential co-driver - but we are still to chalk out our plans. 

Open to suggestions, ideas, feedback and of course tips to the trip. I have virtually 50 odd weeks to it (assuming all goes as planned) and that is enough for sure to ensure a well planned trip with the right people. 

So yeah - do write back folks :)

Will share other details soon!


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