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Guide on how to check accident history of a car [USED CAR TIPS]

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While it's convenient to access many secondhand car offering via used portals, one problem is the misleading information regarding the car condition. Sometimes, customers might be scammed for a car which is claimed to be no-accidental. However, in fact, it was restored to look like new. To keep you from buying cars of this type, here is a guideline on how to check accident history of a used car in India.

Check Service Record

car history check report document

Service record is an important document that you must check when inspecting a used car. y looking at the service history record, you can tell how the previous owner of the car has maintained and taken care of.

Check Windshield crack

windshield cracks

A crack on the windshield might be the evidence of a past collision.

Check for panel gaps or door gaps

panel gap

Body gaps can tell you something about the condition of the car. If the exterior parts are affected, it is likely that some internal parts might be damaged as well.

Here are just a few guides. For the sake of the post, I will not post the full guide because it would look lengthy and boring. To be a wiser car buyer, you can visit my article how to check accident history of a car at for detailed guides and tips on buying a used car. Thank you :D

Link to the article:

If you know of any other tips, please comment below!

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Thank you for this. This will be very helpful to new drivers and even the people who are not familiar with the basics of cars during accidents. It is a hard thing to tackle but having this kind of guide will be very good for the unfortunate situation

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Buying a used car is a complicated job. Out of so many available choices, finding that one piece which won’t betray you in future is a challenge in itself. Each car has a unique history which can either work in your favour or become your biggest nightmare.

Trusting a good friend or a big car dealer is not an option in this case. No matter where you buy a car from, you have to outperform your due diligence. After examining a car at a personal level, getting it inspected by professionals is the wisest step you can take.

To read more click here -

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