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Judith Barsi

The Experience of using Honda Brio

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Honda brio

Since 2009 I had my eyes on the concept that Honda showcased during an auto expo. In 2011 Honda launched that concept in India with the name ‘Brio’. We booked one in urban titanium and we got ours after quite a long period.

Since then she’s in our family. The car is something of a miracle in terms of driving, the sure footed handling at speeds of up to 145 is extraordinary for a hatch in this segment. The engine is a gem of a unit, vtec gets kicked at 4500 rpm yo. It has a sporty soundtrack to get things even better and that you would love to listen again and again by hitting the redline.

Space is more than average, don’t ever go on the looks and say that it would be cramped to sit inside. I have a friend who is fat and also tall and he can sit in her quiet well, two guys like him can sit comfortably. The boot is good for me because the man maximum and machine minimum philosophy works quiet well for me.

The visibility is good, no blind spots. the gearing is quiet tall though, like 2nd gear goes up to 85 so you have to to downshift quiet frequently but that’s not a problem considering how good and precise the shifts can be. the steering is well weighted, enough light for the city use and enough heavy for going highways.

The things that normal people want are also there. The only problem though is that it goes up to 145kmph only so yes she lost her virginity quiet early. People say cars are just there to go from a to b, sadly that’ not the truth. Cars are more than that, Personally I would chose cars over sex. She is the kind of girlfriend who rewards you with everything she has and you giver her your best.


If you are car guy with a small family then this car suits you and if you want to be a petrol head then go ahead and buy one.

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Honda, being one of the most premium brands in India is best known for its premium quality cars and rock solid stability. I had the opportunity to extensively test drive their entry level hatchback car – The Honda Brio. Brio is available in both Manual and Automatic Transmission. For city commute, where maneuvering cars in traffic is an art and lack of parking space in every corner feels heavy, it is always best to opt for a hatchback!


Looks and Design


Exterior: The Front Chrome Grill embedded with the Honda logo looks kind of exposed for such a small car. Yet it looks decent and cute. Headlamps are large and bold and the fluidic pattern really conforms to the car’s posture.


Windows are large and visibility is clear. The only thing that can be no-like factor is the rear. The hatch is made of glass and is unacceptable to many. Car is available in a wide variety of colors. Tafetta White and Crystal Black Pearl looks best.


Interior: The interior is plush and premium. The same from Honda City – dual tone beige interiors, ample space both in the front and rear. Seats are comfortable and the dash looks stylish. The three spoke steering adds to the dynamic character of the car and gives a sporty feel to the driver.




The 1.2 iVtec engine does wonders. Although I can’t comment on the on-road mileage yet I am confident it will give no less than 13kmpl for city commute. Engine is silent and powerful. Even with AC on, pickup is brilliant. I can easily reach to 80kmph in 3rd Gear. The engine delivers 88 ps at 6000 rpm. Engine does not strain when being revved – state of the art Honda engines.. :)


The low torque is good for city commute. Braking is sharp and gives confidence over short stopping distance. Gearbox is butter smooth – gulps into slots easily. The car may be small, yet it is heavy. Turning Radius is something that you would fall for – Trust Me!! Even I was amazed with such a small turning radius – will really help in small bends. Power Steering is too good – handling is superior on high speeds.


AC is powerful, does a good job even when temperature reaches to 38+ in Kolkata. The Driver’s dash is integrated with Triple Analog Meters – feels like you seating are in a cockpit during night. Steering mounted controls, Tilt Steering adds to the many diverse features of this car.


Some negatives:


  2. The Rear Hatch is a hate or like factor.

  3. When fully loaded the car strains a bit with AC on, may touch one or two speed breakers.

  4. In Built Stereo is decent if not brilliant.

  5. Honda Service is good but it is costly.



The on-road price would come around 5.7 Lacs (in Kolkata). Certainly, not a Love at First sight for me but overall a good package for a family of 3 if you are planning to use your car for more than 80% city commute.


Cars to look out for in this Price Band: Maruti Swift, Maruti Ritz, Maruti Wagon R, Hyundai i10, Ford Figo, Chevrolet Beat, Tata Indica Vista 90, Nissan Micra, Volkswagen Polo.


P.S. The Pre-Sales Service of Pinnacle Honda - Kolkata consists of trained, well mannered people. They know about the product and mostly knows how to deal with prospective customers. They answered with all my queries and never even pushed me once to buy this car. :)

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