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Is Tata Gravitas The Worthy Successor & Flag Bearer For Safari?

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I am posting a poll for you guys to let me know your views

Gravitas which is 7 seater version of Harrier will be branded as Safari. are you happy with this?

Let me be fair is presenting what we know of gravitas and Safari
Safari was a landmark vehicle which was unlike anything untill XUV came. Safari was true blue SUV with its share of gremlins but road presence, ride handling was always better than the then vehicles in each iteration. Last iteration being the Varicor 400NM. Most powerful in its segment and most value for money. It had 4x4 but never had any Automatic. it had spartan but elegant interiors. No non-sense vehicle.

Now with Gravitas,
it will have famed Omega Arc land rover pedigree but no unique, we already have Harrier running on roads. So uniqueness is definitely not there. it has good features but competition will blow away Gravitas/Safari on the bling factor. XUV will have large display for instrument and for ice. Pano sunroof ADAS, similarly Hector plus too be loaded with features. So Safari will loose big time here.
Will it have Auto Yes it may but then may not be on day one of launch. Will it have 4x4 no not for near future may in 2024 when competition has gone past it. Sunroof who cares, Panosunroof cannot due to the step in roof. ADAS and other fancy tech features Nopes. Even if it get connected car features that we have in Nexon we can call it steal deal.

So it right to brand a bunny a Safari ? My answer is no.
Unless they bring out trick out of bag and plonk it with all tech feature and 4x4 and pano sunroof this is dead on arrival. XUV has already beaten Gravitas before launch. Why sacrifice Safari for this? I dont understand

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