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i have a friend dealer who is selling fial palio 2002, 18000km power steering and all and one maruti alto,zen,800 now fiat for 110000 and rest for the same i guess, now on the day i purchase ill install the llpg kit of lovata smething, now tell me is palio worth it wud it gv me good average how much it normally gvs on petrol please reply i am buying before june.


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FuelRunGod2008-05-24 18:34:25

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The palios Fe will be around 11-12 in city n around 13-14 on highways..n i think companies other than maruti n some hyundai n even tata & mahindra others are not that compatible with Cng unless company fittedbluesapphire2008-05-05 18:13:36

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If you are looking for a safe n spacious car and are looking at the mileage then palio is the car for you and price you mentioned also seems ok.Mainenance will be on the higher side.If cost of ownership is your priority then alto makes more sense and if you can get a 1.1litre nothing like it.


If you are goin in for gas ,palio makes more sense as after you put in the cylinder if u need any lil bit of space only palio can give you that


an alto run on petrol will give you more km/rupee and you wont need the gas and all the boot space of alto is there for you

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