innova / ingenio ??

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well what i hear is that we will see an all aluminium 4 cylinder 2200cc CRDi Turbocharged engine running 4 valves per cylinder and able to produce 140Bhp.


well i think thats right adi, because thats what even i have heard.

thats the same mHawk engine, i guess. the mHawk originally produced 140 bhp but mahindra had to detune it to 120 bhp for the scorpio for better driveability and transmission problems.
raj_50042008-05-08 06:02:19

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That sounds to be a gr8 car in the making ..and abt the back of the car being like a winger think its a disguise as thats the easiest way to disguise..and this cannot be a ppl mover if the power /engine specs are same as being mentioned in the thread

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