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Driving the Ferrari 360 Modena

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 This is the car I drove in Malaysia and the experience shattered me.

The car was parked at the resort I checked in, there she was in all her glory, low, shimmering red and bulging flanks.

The guys attending to her saw my slobering expression and cooly informed me that the car was parked for anybody wanting to drive her.

I just could not believe what he said and signed the necessary forms then and there. I even forgot my baggage which was lying at the reception area.

The guy just opened the door and the moment I slipped in to the seat I approached driving nirvana.

All the things I had experienced as a reader about Ferrari cars was happening to me real time,  in flesh.

The three point harness the red starter button, the low and small but chunky steering the paddle shifts behind the steering, it was shattering, and I had not even started the engine!! leave alone drive it.

The guy strapped in besides me and pointed me to press the starter button.. ha! as if I had not noticed it first.

the moment the doors thunked shut I checked the green lamp for neutral, pressed the brake pedal and pressed start... the glorious engine sound of which I had read so much was sheer music.

The right paddle shift for upshift, the left for downshift and the howl of the engine in each gear was all I could concentrate on.

The impact of the torque touching home base on the rear wheels and my body sinking back in to the seat is some thing one can just experience, no words for it!!

20 Kms of sheer driving nirvana, man.

Planning to do it again, any body up for the ride!!






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Cool man I hope some day I can drive a ferrari or Porsche just for the sake of it here the Porsche people rarely make people come in their showroom and when I got into saying that I had a budget of 60lakhs .I went inside the Cayenne and the cayman amazing quality thrilling feeling .But he did not let me touch that Carrera GT the red beast and thier is no option for test drive well I won't even if ask upon so a Mumbai pot hole =50k repair smiley36.gif

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Guys you can do it the cost of driving the car Rs.8000 in 2005 and other expenses of flying too and staying in Malayasia extra.

My wife is a travel agent she is in regular touch with these guys, what we need to do is pool in as a group of atleast 15 guys.. u want to invite the girls?! and a economical package can be worked out. What say?

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