Driving has become a Crime due to Traffic Enforcement Cameras ​📸​


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Gone are the day when driving was a pleasurable and de-stressing experience be it in city or on highways without any fear of getting e-challan or Court Notice due to over "speeding as per rules" or any other minor offence tht may not be life threatening. 

I share my recent experience while coming back from Mahabaleshwar to Mumbai. 

As I was aware about fine of Rs.2000/- 😥 for speeding on "Mumbai Pune Expressway" and on "Pune Bagalore highway" I kept myself in total control 🧐by keeping speed below 80 Km/h  throughout journey on highway i.e. from Wai Junction till entry in Mumbai.

At some stretch of Mumbai Pune Expressway I read that speed limit for Light Vehicle is 100 Km/h but to be on safer side I kept myself under 80km/h. 

My entire journey was uneventful 😴and little stressful 😤as I had to keep myself under speed limit of 80 km/h 😵and I was back in Mumbai and back to work without getting any e-challan SMSes from Traffic Dept for speeding or for any other offnce . 

Few days back i.e. approx one month after my trip I received an sms from Traffic Dept 👹 which was identified as "SPAM" but because it mentioned texts like "Lok Adalat" 👿 etc... I thought I should check the "MumbaiTrafficApp" regarding any offence for which fine may be pending. 

I checked the MumbaiTrafficApp and to my surprise a fine of Rs.2000 💰💰 shown as pending for speeding from my trip one month back 😮 and since the offence was one month old the automated system of traffic police sent official notice📜 in .pdf format to appear in Lok Adalat on a particular date or pay the fine to avoid visiting lok adalat.

Now the best part is the pictures that were put as proof mentioned my speed as 77 km/h so I was little happy 😇 tht I kept myself under control 🤪 but suprisingly on the highway and on a particular patch i.e.NAVLE Bridge on Pune Mumbai Highway the speed limit was 60 km/h 😡

I am surprised that why I didn't received SMS / e-challan instantly when I made an offence but received direct notice under Section 20(2) from the Judicial Officer after one month of the offence ? 

According to my observation I did not see any sign of speed limit of 60 km/h on any patch which coming back to Mumbai from Wai.

Even If I missed the sign I do not understand that why the speed limit is not kept same for the entire stretch i.e. 80 km/h ????? 😡😡😡

Traffic Dept puts speed cams 👁️‍🗨️ 📸but don't put speed limit information 📃 on highways or they put information in such a way which is not easily or clearly visible to motorists. 🤓

This is one kind of harrassment to motorists in the name of collecting fine and in the name of safety. 

I am not against driving safely or not in favour of driving rash or at dangerous speed but the rules should be simple and clear and not confusing . 

I also paid fine for standing in little ahead of the "white line" before zebra crossing on signals but sometime the white lines and zebra crossing are so faint that they are not visible or sometime the white line is not visible due to traffic infront vehicle but the traffic camera work perfectly and take high-res pictures and send a sweet message to pay fine or wait to hear music of legal proceedings. When Govt is installing electronic system then why they don't make sure about clear visibility of white line , zebra crossing etc... 

The information related to speed limit, traffic ofences  and punishments should be put on every signals , toll nakas and on regular intervals on highways to make poeple aware about it and to avoid making an offence. 

It looks like Traffic Department or Govt is more interested in collecting fine then safety of motorists.

It is good that the electronic systems works for which they are installed but along with that there should be visible information about law, fine and punishment for motorists where these cameras are installed be it in city or on highways.


Without proper visible information , confusing traffic rules, dismal road and traffic condition it's difficult to follow certain traffic rules but we are forced to pay for the offences which are not done intentionally so it has become more stressful to drive that was a pleasurable experience in past.  

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