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What is the difference in Diesel & Petrol?

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In India cars with diesel engines have been sold with a difference of almost a lac and above over the petrol engined counterparts for the same spec model, save few like Skoda, MB, Audi all these cars in the premium D segment bracket.

The old arguement that a diesel car has complex high pressure injectors which required precision engineering and that petrol engined cars had carburettors is now long dead.

WIth the advent of MPFi petrol cars have become equally complex if not more.

If you take the current petrol cars for example most of them have aluminum block and heads so do many of the diesel ones, some of them even have a iron block(cheaper that aluminum). Petrol engines have MPFi pumps, expensive, so do diesel cars, not as expensive since these pumps have been made for ages give and take few sophisticated components.

Petrol engines have ECU maps to control fuel and engine management, so do diesel engines.

Petrol engines necessarily have CAT converters as they spew CO and NO2 Diesel engines don't have that as their main exhaust is CO2 and less NO2.

If you take a Indigo petrol and a Indigo Diesel the body is the same the suspension set up is the same give and take some minor suspension component changes in the front.

Petrol engines have a distributor to distribute current to at least 4 spark plugs and the related wiring, diesel engines do not have spark plugs.

So if you ask my guess is a diesel car is cheaper to make when it rolls out of the factory than a petrol car.

Further to make my point in India a petrol car is more in demand than a diesel car .. still.


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 well take example of swift the clutch is costlier due to lot of torque the transmission is also made to be s trong . The diesel has more padding to control NVH level which we cannot see. The engine is of Iron block it may be cheaper but they make it thick so that the pressure can be handled well . They have to put heavy duty suspension incase of heavy diesel .Also the govt. is up against diesel so the price are shot and most of the diesel component are imported.

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the most basic thing i feel is that diesel engines have a much higher compression ratio than its petrol counterparts. this neccessiates the need for stonger and heavier cylinders and pistons which increases the overall cost of the engine.

apart from this, some modifications which need to be carried out as mentioned by rssh also inceases the cost of the car...
raj_50042008-06-10 15:17:26

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