Petrol: The costliest & cheapest nations

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i beg to differ china , venezuela are all developing countries china it costs around 33 rs and in venezuela it is around 2.12/-.we can excuse venezuela snice it is oil producing nation but in india due to huge taxes we are amongst the highest paying consumer. even US which is the largest consumer petrol costs around 20% less

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City (Country)

Rates (in Rs per litre)

Mumbai (India)


Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)


Caracas (Venezuela)


Ankara (Turkey)


United Kingdom



Sao Paolo (Brazil)


Toronto (Canada)


Islamabad (Pakistan)


United States of America


Moscow (Russia)


Beijing (China)


Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


Oslo (Norway)


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I wonder why there's such a huge price difference within the non-oil-producing nations. I can understand why the price is low in the oil producing nations. But are taxes the main reason for the cost differences in the other countries?

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But still almost every department of our govt has very low profit or simply loss has high price fuel but there income scale is also high compare to our country where fuel is more when we compare to minimum income one can get here ....anyways nice article n good data

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i dont know what our govt. is doing. toyota is planning to launch its hybrid prius which has already clocked 1 million sales world wide in india in 2009.since they dont have capacity to produce it here they are going to bring it as C.B.U which is going to attract 114% of import duty the end result of which is it is going to cost around 18-20 lakhs in india....if govt. can make India hub of producing small cars cant it do something on reducing imports on hybrids. i mean i was listening to P.M after petrol price hike conveninetly telling us to use energy resources more efficiently while his sarakari babus are moving in 8 kmpl ambassdors....cant he promote hybrids by encouraging manufacturers to produce them....Reva India's first electric car costs awhopping 3.25 lacs!!! and govt gives subsidy on the car....have they ever tried to publicly anounce what and how much it is....seriously the scene is pathetic!!

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Even malaysia n china have low prices of petrol so why cant our govt do something regarding this ....the bloody corrupted nation ...

arrey most of the state and central revenue come from oil....on petrol and diesel state charges around 20-35% V.A.T depending upon state highest been andhra and lowest i guess its Haryana. If they dont charge taxes how are they going to pay sarakari babus....from where will money come for abroad trips of can they afford mercedez for chief minister and ford endevours i guess 8-10 in no. as secuirty vehicles......surely they have taken cue from security vehicles that cover PRESIDENT OF US!!  they are doing it for us my friendsmiley7.gif!! we have elected these privildged ones to get on top of our head and drill us upside down.!!! no wonder middle class has the lowest turnouts during elections....if we just understand our responsibilities.....uff!!!in china there is centralized system of power unlike India....corruption is there too but unlike india where out of 10,000 crore budget for armed forces whopping 5500 crores is wasted as commission , over pricing and stuff.....i mean you just get products worth 4500 crore only for 10000 crore you spent.....list is endless!!! ok enough of speech got carried away!! cheers to all

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