DuPont Teflon Spray Wax - Is it Good?

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I would like some advise on waxing my new Swift White car. Recently I got a bottle of "DuPont Teflon Ultra Premium Liquid Spray Wax" from US. I'm yet to apply this on my car. Before proceeding, I'd like to know if this is good product or not. Will it have any adverse affect on car paint? As per the instruction its very easy to apply and can be applied by hand.


Please advise.


Thanks and Regards,



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Almost any good quality wax should do. After some time it stops 'beading'. Beading means that water does not stick to the surface but forms beads. This is the time to wax the car again. Of course thre is no reason to doubt the quality of a duPont products. remember they own the name Teflon.

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Spray wax of good quality and do the job faster . It won't damage the paint .Apply only in a shade were no trees are there  coz who would you feel when you waxed your car and a crow SHAT!!!!

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