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Holla from the synner.

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My parents christened me Sandeep, but m better known on this interweb thingy as "The synner".

A multimedia professional, m currently in Singapore in pursuit of

higher education. transfered from a world in which i was riding

punybikes and dreaming of superbikes to seeing superbikes day in and

day out and dreaming of riding at least a punybike.

Writing prose is in my blood, and i rarely mince my words while

doing so. Extremely politically incorrect to boot. Loves all forms of


Yamaha fan for life, and a little part of me dies every time a

certain No.46 Yamaha fails to make it to the line first at the premiere

motorcycle racing championship.

Not as much passionate about cars, although a revving Skyline GT-R once made me cry for no reason.

If there actually does exist a religion called "Shumi-ism", would the pastor please call me up?

Well, thats pretty much it. Guess Il let the proverbial fat lady sing then....

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Welcome to the Autocar forum mate...for everyone else on the forum...Synner is an amazing 3D artist and has made some amazing motorcycle designs..So go ahead and ask him to show his work..Allright Synn get rid of that Lager can from your hand and show us some drool maal..

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Synn... What?

Nice to see you here among us infants. Max have already grown, I know.. I know... he is in the forum than us.


When I voted for BSM, I was kind of feeling odd thinking am I the only one to appreciate the mag or is my taste simply bad?

Thank God! I am not the only one with bad tastesmiley14.gif

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Max, Hawk, doc, payeng: Thanxalot for the welcome mateys.. good ta see that i have so many homes away from home.. smiley4.gif

Zavo: Thanx mate...

FRG: Well, not zeroed in on a profession yet. As of the mo m still a research grad. But if anyone wants to employ me, m game... smiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gif

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