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Three Wheelers - Whats your take?

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This thread especially for the the road going mosquito - The Autorickshaw.

Is it a boon or a bane?


I think they should be banned from all major roads at least. They are unsafe, uncomfortable and noisy. I think the world woud be a better place without them.


But they also provide cheap transport to millions in cities all across India. I still think the cons outweigh the pros. What do you think?



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Gurkha - Absolutely agree, who says we arent united, one looka t auto drivers can put a patriot to shame! :-)  but, not if you catch one or two and start pasting the living daylights out of them before anyone can react, the rest just stand and watch, trust me, I was part of one such scuffle outside Mallya hospital (bangalore) just couple of weeks back, am not proud of getting physical with anyone, but this one holds a very special place in my heart... why?


I  was bullied (unsuccessfuly) into breaking a red light, while I was waiting patiently on the side of the road in the pouring rain at 10 30 at night waiting for it to go green. I paid no attention to the horn, jibes, abuses hurled from behind me (although the entire right lane was free) but lost my head when one followed me and picked a fight (this is a brief of why and what) once the lights turned green (very smart move from them, trying to bully a helpless (at least they  thought) biker into breaking the signal so that in case there are cops, they could go scot free as they were only following!


FRG - excellent choice of post! Your thoughts on the same? Of course you own a truck so you could just run over them ;-) us bikers have to fight for our survival! :-D


For thos interested, I HAVE a rather RADICAL view with regards to auto rickshaws and their drivers, radical because I used to hate them, now I LOVE them, why?


spend a few minutes reading this to know WHY -



Id  have posted the entire article here, but its rather long, apologies.


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I hope to god that Tatas 1 lakh car sells by truckloads (no pun W.R.T FRGs truck smiley36.gif) so that the assorted crappola on our roads: read autorickshaws, punybikes carrying entire families, Kinetic Hondas with LPG cylinders up front (not too long ago, an infamous auto journo used to do this with EVERY step thru, in an attempt to test their load bearing capacity... but I digress) are history.

..and no, before anyone starts complaining about the enormous traffic jams this is gonna cause, d rather have 10 Re 1 lakh cars (just give it a proper name, will ya? This is getting kinda tiresome) one after the other at an intersection than a motley bunch of Autorickshaws, punybikes, cycles, donkeys and martians wrestling for space like sardines in a can.

Jesus H. Christ, there are too many of us...! smiley36.gif

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