Maruti 800: A first car

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I am sure that this is the most practical car ever produced in India. Its become dated now and is overshadowed by the crowd' date=' but we must recognise that this car created automotive history in our country. It changed the way we move on 4 wheels.Even actor Rekha once quipped in a Filmfare interview in the 1990's that she liked the Maruti 800 the best among all cars she had owned saying she even owned a Honda Accord  then.


Thats my 1987 Maruti 800, still with its original paint. Its been with the family since 21 years. It is still my most loved car to zip around the city roads.
[/quote'] Nice old 800 anjan!

Really 800 is a good car!!..actually most of the people's first car is 800!!...n am no exception! ..i also own a 800 DX(03)model!..n i love it too much!


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