Scratch Removal

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I think I had posted on this on some thread.There is no magic spray. If the scratch is not deep (i.e. not through the paint) then there are various rubbing compounds incl. Scratch Out from 3M (waxpol also used to have a rubbing compound commonly called Cutter Polish by the mechanics)  which let you abrade it out. Remember you will lose some paint in the process.Make sure that after rubbing you wax the affected area.

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I use 3m's rub in polish too. Works most of the time for surface scratch's but if its deep you won't be able to do anything about it. There will be a visible whitish line which will only fade through time.

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probably you can identify your car when in a crowded parking lot...

Yes this would help.smiley2.gif

think of it as a customisation.
What a suggestion? Even I did not think like this.

Ravi Sir, You Deserve Special License.smiley32.gif


But this would be nice if the scratches are light (on top layer only).

Not when the scratches are deep and the Metal is exposed since this can cause corrosion and rust formation.


Ravi Sir,

        Good thought.


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