Parking sensors, reverse camera

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@Mclaren Maruti;

Its not a matter of worry.

Just opt for the Rear Parking Sensors available at VW dealerships under their accessory section.

They're available at mere Rs.4000 only.

Reverse cam isn't an essentiality considering its limitations, like;

-They're almost useless at night.

-Can easily affected by Dirt & dusty conditions.

-They don't cover the rear side portion(around C-pillar) visibilty of car.

So, Parking Sensors alone can do the job perfect.

P.S: One of my friend've also bought Verna but i didn't liked its Rear Headroom & crouched rear seating position. Vento is way better.

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At the risk of repetition in December 2009 I got a City as a loaner for a few days. Was scared out of my wits reversing it, the first time in my life since 1969 (when I got my DL) . At night I ended up parking it about 3' from the curb.

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Dear vipul and Nishu, this friend of mine has really got bitten hard by the camera bug and no matter how much I tried to drill what all you have said into his mind has no effect on him.

I mentioned it before also, but he has a MORBID fear of parking, I remember once he was parking his old zen at a mall, while I was directing him, and to my amazement , he couldn't notice a little kid at the back , so its evident my dear lad is really bonkers for the camera. he still remembers  that incident, and uses it like a "benchmark" for his lousy parking abilities every time I tell him a trick or two about parking.

and the Hyundai oem camera is a bloody good camera, I tested it myself, and,nishu, rightly pointed by you, it doesn't  give an idea of the lateral proximity to any obstruction, and one might end scraping the flanks of the car if one relies solely on the cam while parking in a close slot .

I am trying to allay my friends fear regarding this parking thing, I sat in the vento rear, also , drove it for a bit initially . and I could feel the vento being a more spacious and well laid out cabin, and a more explosive ,growly engine is a better car for both enthusiasts and people who want to enjoy the ride at the back.

lets hope I get a good demonstration of a great cam and my friend GETS this fear of aftermarket fittings out of his mind. although i personally feel an after market fitting can never match a company fitted/oem gadget, i believe the quality of after market fittings has become more reliable with time. heck , even the subros ac in my old 800 is still working fine , which is really ancient, so i believe we can get a good parking camera here .

I know most of you will recommend sensors at the most, but my friend really has parking issues, imagine he would be super cautious while parking his super visibility car, zen, so u can imagine his fear in a sedan like vento .

I did my own research last night, was leafing through the June editions of autocar and overdrive ...and tadaa....found some ads on the this topic

only two of them have offices in delhi, rest are based outside.

steel mate,black cat, dhc , caska, not sure about caska whether it makes

reverse cams too, these were the ones i could muster from the magz.

which one do you think is the best? i want to give a demonstration of

these after market fittings would work , will make a trip to Karol bagh

for the same, I think we can get a trial/demonstration of a rear parking

cam once before we buy it? i don't even know whether the accessories shop I

frequent for my 800 would have sensors/cams , can anyone recommend a

reliable accessories shop in delhi for a parking camera?

--- Watch your spelling and punctuation sonny. I have just corrected the I's and the you's. Your previous post was not much better. I suggest you use a word processing software, correct your language, and then cut and paste. Mod

sgiitk2011-06-23 10:48:05

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dear vipul,  I showed him this thread, and amazingly he has AGREED  for a demonstration of parking sensors in the city , which I have somehow managed to arrange from a known Honda dealer. so everyone's comments surely have worked rather than my solo lecturing.

so thats a welcome break from " I need a camera " stance. and I am happy he saw the logic in my advice and all the posts here. I am taking him for the demo today.

thank you everyone for the advice , !

The sensors are being offered by Honda at 5500 rs with 1 year warranty,  and the camera is at 7200 , although the latter's demo will have to be done in the market, I hope the sensors turn out really well for him.

sorry sgiitk sir, will watch the I's and you's,apart from my  deviance toward sms lingo, my bad !

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Im getting the job done by doing a reverse parallel park.

If i get the right mirror all the way down pointing at the ground  I can see well and make sure I go as close as possible so that way why i pull it back in the other direction the car sits perfectly in the spot.

This is easier said than done and difficult too at night.. but the idea works..

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Dear Fellas,

I would like to fit a reverse camera+sensor+LCD screen combo unit when we take delivery of our SX4 VDi next month.

I know that there is such a set available from Xenos which comes with Bluetooth as well. Think Xenos sources this from some chinese company.

Could you kindly update me if you have any info on similar products from companies like Nippon, Autocop etc?

I like the LCD display and the rever sensor display to be on the same screen, and when it could be fixed on the Inside Rear view mirror.

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Good to be back again. Immediately after purchasing my Verito, I installed a parking cam from Xenos as I am also not a very good parking expert. The camera helped somewhat but still I was not very confident while parking my car. So I am going in for sensors as well. I usually get the help of someone when I park the car as a friend is more useful than all the cams and sensors. I wish the car companies could find some viable solution to the problem of parking of sedans.

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I am lucky in that aspect.

Not to boast myself, I am very good at parking. 

And, more so when reverse parking.

I am comfortable, confident and careful irrespective of the locale

where I park. 


Once, I had to park my Omni (sold off about 3 years back) in such a

tight place where only 4 to 5 inches space was available on either side. 

As I was leaving for a holiday, I had to park it that way.  After some

anxious moments and successful parking, I had to jump over from the

driver's seat to the backside and come out of the car through the side/

sliding door.  There is no place for the driver's door to be opened fully

and I could not squeeze out myself from that small opening. 

It was the most difficult situation of my driving experience in that white

Omni Eight Seater.  Eitehr in our earlier Premier Padmini or the current two

cars (Esteem and Xylo) , I do not remember having encountered any such

anxious moments, so far.   As you know, my Esteem does not have any

sensors or cameras.  However, my Xylo E8 came with parking sensors

(no camera) which have added some more safety and surety to my already

good and comfortable parking habits.  Thus, I never felt the need for a




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I would agree wit driftpunk. As I one drove an SX4 of my friend. Since it was having censors in it at rear so it was not at all problem for me though I was driving SX4 at first time.

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I would recommend Xenos 4 sensors and it price is approximately 3500 to 4000. And the reflection of that display was visible on the front windshield. I suggest you to use this one and I am sure you satisfied with this.

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On 3/15/2019 at 4:28 PM, Abhijit Jadhav said:

How to install this sensor and what are its types?? Also what is the market price for the same and is it available for Toyota model?

just visit any car accessories shop in your area where you get music players and other cosmetics done for your car. There you can inquire about the types of camera ranging from 3k-5k and get it fixed depending about your budget and need. It simple one hour procedure.


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