honda 125 cc cbf

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i think every 125cc has got 5 gears..m i right or not??

first a reply to bluesapphire: The Yamaha range of 125 cc, 4 stroke bikes had only four gears- do not know whether they've introduced a fifth one especially in the Gladiator that has the looks of a 150 cc bike.

Coming back to the topic - the Honda CBF has quite contemporary looks and may steal away the thunder from other bikes in its class. Young men will like it and now that the colleges are reopening, many dad's will get purchase proposals from their son's.

The Bajaj  XCD does'nt look gorgeous at all and looks a little bit cheap and low profile, with the usual Bajaj quality plastics, fit and finish.

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looks like a mini karizma....the rear view mirrors look completely out of place on this bike...the rear is too high although its found on bigger bikes,doesnt have a monoshock,the instruments are from the shine....

Its a shine with 5 speeds and some visual add-ons...all show and no go..

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