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Ferrari v McLaren

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What is the reaction to the latest round of F1 politics. McLaren are fined $100m and get zero points for the current season.

A few years ago when Schumis FerrariĀ  was conquering all F1 works for at least two years changing the goalposts (scoring, qualifying) to reduce his advantage. Then we had the spectacle of the pathetic US-GP with essentially two cars since one tyre manufacturer went over the top and could not make tyres to last that race which was on the calender from day 1.

Now they mess up McLaren. I have feeling that it had more to do with what may politely be called attempts at result manipulation than espionage.

US racing is notorious for bringing out the safety car, whenever the race leader builds up a substantial advantage.

Can we not have pure racing without this fiddling.I presume WRC is somewhat better, since one does not hear that much.

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