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Go for Hp or Dell...u can also look at Sony viao, Toshiba and Lenovo...lenovo though is a chinese brand is good and associated with IBM so nothing to doubt about....In Dell u can visit the site and configure it as per ur own needs so thats better...And in touchscreen of Hp they are good but u wont get much options in it..its better to with simple one...and if u have a good Desktop computer my suggestions would be go with a smaller screen i.e.12/13" that will be good...even i bought 15" Hp pavilion my father told me to go for smaller one but i didnt and now m realizing the its looks bulky to me...

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@ trojan' date=' you might be owning a few gadgets , but they are the best. Indicating towards E90, I always wanted to buy it since its launch, but my calculations went wrong. I thought I would wait for a while after its launch for prices to come down, but nothing happened since. I may still buy it, though E71 is available now at almost half price.

Thanks for suggestion , DELL XPS is indeed a fine laptop. I guess it has Nvidia Geforce graphics card on board.

I saw HP 676, it is one hell of a laptop.

One thing about Dell is that they do not have local support.


Yea i bought it last dec , arnd 34500 . Love it 2 its core . Well i personally dont like hp , all my friends using Hp complain a lot , it heats up very fast . Well Dell Servicing in under HCl , if u complain of anything , a guy will show up in 24 hrs of the complaint and repair and if it cant b repaired then they will replace it . And Xps has Nvidia 8600Gt . Sony Vaio just has looks , n expensive also. I am using Dell P4 laptop for last 5-6 years . Still works very fine , just replaced hdd once . though it costed me over 1.5 lakhs when i bought it ;)

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Thanks BS, I am going to avoid, Sony, Lenevo & Toshiba. My choice is between Dell & HP. Ive been on DELLs site, but theres too much choice, I could not pin point a suitable model.

Ultra portables have their convenience, but for now I would look towards the basic 15" screen.

Yes, touch screens are low on options, but I like the concept, can you give some  nice model with touchscreens?

@ Trojan, thanks, E90 still retails for around 33k. Can the front VGA cam. be activated without making a video call?

I think Dells local support is dependent on Wipro. Did you check out HP 676, I think this also has Nvidia.

But Im concerned post warranty service by  Dell, as each visit by engineer costs 1000/- labour only.

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i saw today HP T6482 or 6487 something like had 2gb ram, 250 GB hard disk and many other features too....and it was mindblowing in design...its keypad area was something like chrome silver in color and oute was metallic red or metallic rusty red i can say with some chrome touches and looked awesome...

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my gadgets are:iPhone


                             Sony Bravia 48 inches

                             Compaq Presario 6 years old

                             Nikon D200

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Nokia 6681 and samsung a slim model

datamini a SingaporeoN> based company and its manufacturing unit is near my home town so I bought only for 26000 (core 2 duo,1GB ram 120 GB HDD, BLUETOOTH,WIRELESS LAN, DVD/WR,2.0MP WEBCAM  ) WWW.DATAMINI.CO.IN

and also one desktop pc (C2D)

2 TITAN watchES, 3 CITIZEN watches


JVC audio in my SANTRO with PIONEER speakers.

KENWOOD audio in my ESTEEM with PIONEER (HELMET TYPE) speakers.

NIKON 7.2 MP Digi camera

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autocarindia2008-08-20 06:20:41
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