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Basically SAR - Specific Absorption Rate - (measure of the rate of absorption of RF energy in the body).

Specific absorption rate (SAR) is a measure of the rate at which energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to a radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic field. It is defined as the power absorbed per mass of tissue and has units of watts per kilogram (W/kg). SAR is usually averaged either over the whole body, or over a small sample volume (typically 1 g or 10 g of tissue). The value cited is then the maximum level measured in the body part studied over the stated volume or mass.

Using a bluetooth headset is far safer than using the cellphone directly. A bluetooth headset has to communicate with bluetooth of the cellphone only but the cellphone has to communicate with the mobile tower which can be hundreds of meters away. So bluetooth of a good reputed company will have very low levels of radiation to harm the body. Bluetooth Headsets are upto 60% safer than using Mobiles phones. Although mobile phones being unsafe is a highly debatable topic.

Here are some facts that I would like to share -

Since 2005, the United States has considered any absorption of radiation by the human body above 1.6 watts per kilogram from electronic devices as dangerous. However, Bluetooth headsets only emit about 0.001 watts per kilogram. Even cell phones, such as the BlackBerry, only release about 0.28 watts per kilogram.

In general, people who use Bluetooth headsets tend to hold their cell phones far away from the brain -- usually in a pocket -- further reducing the effect of radio wave radiation.

As I recall max output power from a Bluetooth device is 1000x lower than a cell phone's max GSM output.

Avoid using your cellfone when it has one battery level left. The radiation is very strong at that time. It has been proved scientifically also.

Can someone here give the SAR's rating of these bluetooth devices? But I am pretty sure that they are beneficial over using the cellphone directly.driftpunk2010-12-15 11:33:34

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I know in detail about SAR, this used to my main criteria for buying phones some years back when people had not even heard of SAR. Still have the SAR values of my phones on finger tips. All are under acceptable level of 1.


That is what I meant throught my reply to " BH106 will be safer with lower SAR". Its the phone which emits radiations but have heard Bt's arn't very safe either.

2 phones & Bt:


My iPhone & Guess watch:


Both Bt's:



BornFree2010-12-15 11:47:09

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@dr_nishu: "Samsung Tab costs around 27-28k here". Are you sure? It's 38k with prices ranging from 35 to 36k' date=' here. [/quote']


Will Confirm on this soon.



Nokia 2690 is a very Cool looking Handset, especially in its White Silver Metallic colour & is Great VFM Multimedia phone.

But May I ask why exactly 2 same Handsets, BF ?? 

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I somehow have a feeling that Nokia are cooked in the smartphone market (this from an old die hard Nokia addict) and the future may be Android, BlackBerry and iPhone Operating Systems. Nokia were in a narcissist mode for too long.

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I wont be writing them off so easily. Their E series is still the most popular communicator device range in non touch range. Also there has never been a problem with their OS its just in the UI. And the N8 UI has got plenty of nice reviews.

Also the fact that they have announced that all the current handsets which can be upgraded later to the updated OS will be done keeps me hopeful. They also have got development going on for Meego in cooperation with Intel which would be another one to wait for. 2011 is crucial for Nokia and would be the year of reckoning for them.

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Nokia 2690 is a very Cool looking Handset' date=' especially in its White Silver Metallic colour & is Great VFM Multimedia phone. May I ask why exactly 2 same Handsets, BF ?? [/quote']


Yes, its a loaded phone for the price. Samsung 2120 with Bt was coming for 2.1k but I preferred Nokia. Its still a budget phone champ.

I went in for Graphite color.


At the moment Im using 4 handsets, all with different nos. Had acquired 2 sims cards as gifts/free through shopping deals/schemes/scratch card. Would use them & give the nos. to marketing firms/sales/shops, etc. Also segregated different callers to different nos. So, that I know which phone is ringing & whether I need to pick or not!



@Prof, agreed. Nokia are so over form the smartphone scene. Android, i-phone, BB rule the roost. They are trying to catch up but have fallen way behind in development.


Symbian & resistive is a pain to use. Im very happy with the new Phone I acquired - iPhone.

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@BF: I see Android coming up fast. If you are happy with touch then Android may be the way. For keypad lovers BB rules.

In my family we have BB (myself), htc Hero (my son) both CDMA, Nokia 5230 (my wife-unhappy with touch) and Galaxy 5 (daughter in law). So 2 Andriod, 1BB and 1 Nokia - resistive at that. My daughter has a Nokia E series and son-in-law a BB. I am getting conflicting reports of the BB Torch and OS6. Apple will be a major player but with a niche market.

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Hello Friends, was going thru the forum as usual & found this interesting...

So thought of sharing my story


im currently using nokia n900. i bought this black beauty 6months ago.

It feels great using this phone...

i personally like phones which are different yet powerfull.

This one is loaded with MAEMO(linux based) totally secured & gives the biggest advantage of multi-tasking...


other gadgets i use/used.

ipod 8gb(lost it in a accident)

iphone 3gs(gave it to my sis)

nokia X6 (16gb) (my wife is using it)

hp notebook(dual core)


would like to know if anyone else in this forum uses n900???

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HP ENVY- specs in brief

1.core i5 - 450m - 2.26GHZ

2.500GB hard drive

3.Intel graphics media accelerator and ATI 5650 graphic cards(switchable graphics card)

4.aluminum chassis with laser etched imprint finish

5.1600X900 glossy screen with led backlit keyboard

6.preloaded stardock and corel software

pictures below




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@drifty - Thanks Dude. Rs 68500(all inclusive of taxes) was total price excluding exchange price for my 3 year old laptop.It is HP ENVY 14 and India you get only 14inch beats edition or 17 inch model


I mentioned earlier in a post dated 13th Dec." I am getting laptop after 6 years" - Its after 3years I am getting laptop -The error is regretted.

Mr. Spock2010-12-20 14:03:04

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@ Mr.spook congrats , but i was shocked to find out that your HP is more expensive than my Dell studio 15 which costs 54K

config is i5 2.54 Ghz, 500 gb HD , 4 GB DDR3 , 1 GB ATI graphic cards.

You could have got an Dell XPS for this price

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@Bornfree - thanks man.

@Sarabjeet - Thanks dude.Dell XPS 15 has four variants - T541101/03/07/05 modelsIN8 all of which requires some sort of customizing to bring it to level of HP ENVY and frankly all of them don't have switchable graphics card. The BD -ROM is gimmick IMO and not worth paying extra. Besides my previous Laptop was  DELL studio 15  so I wanted to go for this HP laptop.

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Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0D.(other cars not included)

Ray Ban-sunglass.

Sony ericssonW810i, BLACKBERRY STORM2 (High end touchscreen)

DELL inspiron1542(Dual-core) with windows7.


YAMAHA Home Theatre 7.1.

Akai 5.1 car steareo with 2000watts subwoofer.

Canon Digital cam 15MP. Canon Handicam MV960.

German headlight with police flasher attached.

Reebok., Armani., Oxford., etc etc.



(always the racer wins atlast)

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Please note all the Android Users & seekers;

After spending around 2 months with Samsung Galaxy3 Android 2.1 phone, Noticed: Even though its processor is fast but its Recurrently operating Media Scanner is Annoying, which operates automatically while operating Multimedia operations like, Deleting & moving MM files which Inturn makes the Camera & File opening In-operable till its Completes its scanning.

That's why my Sony Ericsson Naite is back to job from last 3-4days.

Its 2mp Camera is my Clearer than Samsung G3's 3.2mp Autofocus one.

The Grain texture of the former's pic is also Richer.


Any suggestions please !!.
dr_nishu2011-02-07 18:35:37

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