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@archit: What is the point of creating a similar thread. Please control your posts and thread. I am not merging your mobile phone thread but deleting it. And from now on, if I deem fit, such threads and posts will be deleted without prior warnings. You've been a member here long enough to understand the rules and regulations.



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thanks speed for letting me know this thread...

my list goes like this..

2 Laptops: HP 2gb ram, 120gb hdd,14.1 wide screen,wifi,musicpro notebook

                  Compac 1gb rm,120 hdd,14.1 bright view,notebook

2 titan watches,2 timex,1 rado

1 Ipod classic 80gb

2 2gb drives for music and files

pioneer music system for my indica

sony home theatre system

nokia n70 music edition

motorolla e7

motorolla rokr

List to buy in future:

one around 40" lcd/plazma

bose surround system

cel phone might after a year or so


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@Vijay, cool list! Good that you could find the appropriate thread.

What really excites me in your range is- I-pod Classic 80gb, what more can one want!

For your future list, opt for LCD instead of Plasma.

Bose system also sounds cool.

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Nokia N73 Music Edition

Nokia N82

Nokia N95

HP pavilion(core 2 duo)

X-box 360

Sony PS-2

Police watch' date=' Giordano & Gucci watches

JVC audio with USB drive in my spark with JBL speakers.

portable DVD player with 7" screen

Olympus 10.1 Digi MP camera

Sony Handycam

Nikon 2.0MP Digi camera.

Tasco Binoculors

Panasonic 42" plasma

Sony Hone theatre system

some pendrives

(mobiles also include my parents mobile..i personally have N73 ME)

Latest possession a month back - Panasonic 32" Lcd 

Also have some accessories for Ps-2 apart from extra remotes and memonry cards, have a Steering console with accelator, brake pedal and gear shift for Car games.
bluesapphire2008-11-09 07:14:50

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