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17 hours ago, librankur said:

I will gun for the Note 5 Pro 4 GB variant if you say its the best one around , its now priced at 15k (14999)  starting 01 May 18

PreOrdering , I guess will take a lot of time, will start scanning Dealers who I guess will be willing to make some extra money out of it, if availability is such an issue.

Hoping to grab one soon.


It seems Xaomi is taking opportunity to increase profits.

That's why they have raised prices for 4GB variant (more popular one) and not for the 6GB variant which still sells at 17k.

Related news:

BTW, you can also look at just launched Huawei P20 lite, available at Amazon for 20k (early access for Prime members).

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Thanks again 

Yes 6 GB variant is readily available in stores ,  should be able to source the 4GB one  by tomorrow.

Moreover increasing 4gb variants prices also would drive the 6gb variants desirability because now the difference in pricing is narrowing

People were giving the 6 GB variant a miss because earlier who would wants to pay 3 K more for 2 extra GB .

If the price difference decreases further the 4gb variant will loose all its edge .

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Dear All,

Wanting to make two purchases for my parents in Delhi

1) Microwave oven , 32 ltr , convection (Budget 25k)

2 ) Smart TV , 32 Inch ( Budget 40k)

Can't fit a bigger TV in that place.  Existing Sony 3D Smart TV has developed horizontal lines, don't want to send it for repairs

Kindly keep in mind the colours on a Sony TV and suggest our next TV.

Cheap TV from Mi don't make the cut , they have goofy colours.Have already tried swapping Sony with Mi and got frowns for doing so.

Kindly suggest some top of the line products from manufactures you trust with good reliability and prompt service.

Planning Purchase next week  before Holi.

Hoping to get suggestions from you as always 


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All suggestions for a new laptop invited 


1) Preloaded with MsOffice

2) Capable of a little bit gaming 

In the process kindly also share your laptop details if possible

Will love to see what you own 

Have shortlisted

-HP Elite Dragonfly ( slightly older configuration )

-HP Elitebook x360 1030 G4

-ROG Zephyrus  G14

-ROG Zephyrus S GX531



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