Which Cheapest Car will you Prefer??

Which cheapest car will you prefer??  

  1. 1. Which cheapest car will you prefer??

    • Tata Nano(top end variant)
    • Maruti 800 Dx (top end)

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Well actually nano is approx half the price of 800 and if prices are concerned Nano will be Much much better and safer coz when 800 was launched the safety norms werent stringent but this is 2008 and safety would be taken care-of and also its targeted for export so safety is must....

But Tata's A.s.s remains its drawback..hope it improves by the time nano is launched
bluesapphire2008-10-20 11:40:12

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Nano is a 4 wheeled auto rickshaw... Thats all. TATA's effort on bringing a people's car is appreciable, But it cant be compared with other cars. Even with M800.

it can only be compared with the cars that will be introduced as specific competitors for Nano.

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