i10 vs getz prime 1.1 vs swift lxi vs U-v

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So  i would like to hear from all of you what choice should someone make out of the given choice and why


smiley2.gif  1. i10 magna -  At 3.99 it has all the luxury one could ask for the price ...... with 1.2 L engine around the corner it would also gain on its only present problem - power.


smiley18.gif2. Getz prime - I am here asking about the base model of 1.1 L engine ..... its comfy and looks fine ...... everything else might be a compromis


smiley17.gif3. Swift Lxi - At 4.10+ its the base model for swift...... gr8 power and suspension but no power windows and other such items....


 smiley9.gif4. U-va - Dont know wat to say about this car as i have never driven it....!!



The comparison is b/w the base models of these premium hatchback and premium model of a basic hatchback<i10>........


now yu need to make a choice..... provided.....

1. The Buyer might not be in a position to install anything extra..... not even a music system.

2.  for city use.

3. The dealer should be able to provide an invoice of 3.99Lsmiley19.gif


now WHY i ASKED this because my litl bro is goin to buy a car this july and his only constraint is INVOICE of 399999 for his company to pass the Loan...... and he is not willing to don any other work on his car <like power windows or wheelcaps etc...> .



THANKS in advance.smiley1.gifsmiley4.gif

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i10 best option...and does getz base models gets power windows...but getz is terribly underpowered(1.1)...just go for i10 one with kappa engine which can be here anytime soon...Uva again a good car with much space and fantastic ride comfort but interiors are cheap ...

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That is the biggest confusion itself..... i own both swift and i10 but that what confuses himsmiley16.gif

he said he life swift which he says looks big.......and runs faster...... but his wife insists on i10 just for the power windows......


personally i suggested him i10 only as it looks spacious due to its interiors and is powerfull enough to run good in city..... but i10 lacks suspension......


What about U-VA........ i have never even tested it ...... and the showroom is quiet far.......lolz

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