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Breaking news: Colin McRae dies...

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What awful news. I first saw Colin drive in a Group N Vauxhall Nova in the 1988 Scottish Rally which his dad Jimmy won. but Colin had already made a mark then and was absolutely brilliant in the small and underpowered Nova. Cannot believe this has happened.

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Never had the opertunity to see the man himself drive

but heard a story from a motorsport corresp that totally blew me away


this was a time when one WRC round a year was held at the same time as the




Story goes that the indian photographers, set up their cameras up front

to get the best view of the action. they were experienced chaps and had covered many Asia Pac events

but what happened scared them

the WRC cars were being driven so hard (much harder than the Aprc cars) they were using up all of the road and then some

the photogs were scared s**tless

everybody took two steps back

the path they were shooting consisted of a set of fast long corners

broken up by a short bridge

the leaders were completely sideways for most of the first part, but then straightened up before the bridge, going to full throttle and shifting up once again after the bridge had been cleared

the fourth car throught was Colin Mcrae, flat out as usuall

. . . but he seemed to leave his braking too late !


he never lifted, took the bridge sideways, foot nailed to the floor, without dropping a gear !!!!!

its little wonder he was by far the fastest on the stage

i think it was called the motu in NZ

drive on Col, and thanks for the best PC driving game ever

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