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2009 BMW 3 Series

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revised styling, an upgraded
interior, simpler iDrive interface, in-car Internet access, a new audio
system, and an optional dual-clutch transmission. The automaker's
sublime 3.0L inline-six, available in naturally aspirated and
twin-turbo forms, remains the same,  BMW is also
giving  the option of a diesel powertrain -- and it could turn
out to be the best of the bunch.

 3 Series
will be available as a sedan, wagon, coupe, and hardtop-convertible in
either 328i and 335i form, utilizing a 3.0L inline-six good for 230 hp,
or 300 in twin-turbo form. Styling changes are subtle but numerous and
include a new hood with additional character lines, new side mirrors,
reshaped taillamps, and a sharper crease running down each side. A
revised front end makes the previous version's lines more prominent and
adds a larger lower air intake, while the chrome accenting the car's
signature kidney grille is less noticeable. Though at a distance the
updates are hard to spot, overall the 2009 3 Series has a slightly
sharper, more muscular appearance than its predecessor. All models
receive LED turn signals and taillights as well.

BMW's changes are equally restrained, with new colors and materials as
well as additional storage. A new stereo includes an 80-gig hard drive,
USB input and optional iPod connector, while the nav system sports an
8.8-in. display. In addition the new 3 will be available with
ConnectedDrive, the automaker's new EDGE-speed, in-car Internet access
system, and now routes planned on the Internet can be fed directly into
the 3's nav system, saving the hassle of inputting destinations
manually.  the 3
Series also gains a revised idrive system with more intuitive menus and
drops the basic scroll wheel for a new controller allowing turn, push,
and tilt motions. Major functions also can be accessed via four
direct-select buttons, and much of the system is now voice-activated.112080714z2009bmw335isewc8.jpg

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112080717z2009bmw335iseos8.jpgstandard six-speed manual and optional automatic, but now buyers of the 335i coupe or convertible can opt for 

new seven-speed, dual-clutch DCT transmission as well. Offering

lightning-fast shifts and no loss in traction, the DCT helps the 335i

post better performance numbers than its 2008 cousin. With gas prices

spiraling, the 3 also features new EfficientDynamics technology to

reduce fuel consumption, including (on some models) regenerative

brakes, an auto start/stop function, and a shift point display

 oil-burning option in the form of the

335d. A 3.0L twin-turbodiesel inline-six featuring common-rail direct

injection, the mill puts out approximately 286 hp and a stunning 428

lb-ft of torque, while reaching 62 mph in a respectable 6.0 sec -- just

0.4 sec behind the topline 335i. Yet despite this, according to BMW the

335d averages 35 mpg, which is 9 mpg better than the twin-turbo gas

model, and 7 more than a slower, naturally aspirated 328i.


speed2008-07-13 19:23:30

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