How fast you have ever driven???

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no but it is a very weak car

stability at high speeds is like none

u r talking about stability in a esteem!!i think its far more better than a 800!!isnt it??....if 800 can be driven at 110kph then i dont think so that there is any problem in esteem!smiley1.gifvibhor2008-08-31 11:59:39

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Last week I drove my son's BMW 525 at 190-195 KMPH for quite some time while going from Manchester to Bristol in U.K. It was night and we were driving on low beams so I did not push further due to short visibility. The car was rock stable and there was no strain on the car or on yours truly. Later my son confessed that he has gone upto 235 KMPH before chickening out, but the car still had some juice left and could have touched 250 easily.


The car also has a ferocious acceleration (at least as compared to our normal Indian cars). Just floor the throttle at any speed and the auto-box drops a gear and the car will bolt like a scalded cat. It also has a Sports mode which I have not tried so far.


Back in India, I have driven my Matiz upto 120 KMPH.

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no i think esteem can go upto 110....though its build quality is weak but its stable car..

The Esteem will go even upto 150kmph but when compared to other cars it will not be very stable. The Esteem is a light car and does not feel planted at all.

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