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hi.. i am waitng till jan because skoda fabia is coming so i want to see how is it.. it will be overpriced for sure but i want to make sure i buy the right car.. out of the 5 cars aveo, sx4, city, verna, fiesta.. i like the aveo and the city.. i dont like the looks of sx4 and verna, fiesta is cramped and i dont trust ford somehow and that leaves me with the aveo and the city.. now this is supposed to be very easy as many would say city is better..


but i have a honda city and opel corsa and somehow i find corsa better than city.. honda is not the car i love to drive.. its the most untiring car of all, it has good FE, good interiors and its comfortable too and it has the so called honda badge which we indians love but its nt a stable car and it has a very bad ride and build quality and its ovepriced.. and that is when chevrolet aveo comes.. its the best looking car out of all five according to me, good interiors and FE, comfortable, very good ride and build quality and now comes the performance which is where the whole problem is as said by many people but according to what i have heard from the owners and team bhp site its not that bad also and the new aveo is launched which is much better than the old one in performance and the gearbox is much much improved 2.. so whats your take on this.. is aveo a good alternative to the city.. ? is aveos not so good perfomance exaggerated or is it very bad.. ?
FuelRunGod2007-09-25 23:22:14

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My order of preference would be:

1. SX4 because MS sells the same model with similar specs in India as

it sells elsewhere in the world and the indian price of 6.2 lacs is

close to international price of 15000 US Dollars.

2.   AVEO A good car with high ground clearance as required

in India with acceptable costs of maintainence. Moreover the indian

price of 5.9 lacs is just a lac more than its international price of

12000 dollars.

3.   City Though a very good car but highly overpriced. Honda

doesn,t sell it in US. In US the base sedan model is a CIVIC priced at

15000 US Dollars. Comparing the indian price of CIVIC to that of CITY

the city is overpriced by 3lac rupees. Well is honda fleecing INDIANS

by selling outdated models at double the international prices of its


4.   Verna Not a good car. Doesnt have brand value. Is

available in US with better specs for just 10000 dollars i.e Rs.

4,00,000/-. Highly over priced like Honda City.

5.   Fiesta It will cost you an equal amount of money to

maintain it for four years whcih you would have spent in buying it.

Just too expensive for Indians

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Have you vectored in the different taxation structures. If one were to look at the UK scenario where there is a special car tax in addition to VAT the situation may be very different. 

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Well in that case you also need to factor the wages being paid to

employees in India which are almost 1/10th to that being paid in US or

UK. You also need to take in to consideration the cheaper establishment

costs in India besides the machinery that is used to produce cars in

India by these companies is the one uprooted from US when the models

are phased out there and are inttroduced as new models in Indian

Market. All in all the difference in tax structure is nullified by the

cheaper labour and cheaper raw material in India. By Purchasing Power

Parity one dollar is equal to 10 rupees. By that standard you can just

calculate how much extra we are paying for the cars when compared to US


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