Which car/bike ad you like most??

Recommended Posts are some of the pics of fiat 500 ad i was talking about.............


First all the fiat cars bravo linea,punto comes racing....................





...........n finally al the cars form a cute little little 500!!!!smiley17.gif
vibhor2008-08-16 11:06:58

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source: motor beam

BMW, Audi and Subaru have pulled each others legs and how! Look at these interesting advertisements by them.


If thats not enough, Bentley went ahead with this advertisement of theirs.


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Thanks bluesapphire!..yes!..really i was also surprised after seeing these pics of their ads! ....the audi,bmw,subaru are ok!..but bently one is just ***smiley3.gifvibhor2008-10-23 11:32:39

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Saw the jetta add. But didn't understand it.

The guy opens the back door but the owner was driving the car.


So what does this mean? People think its a costly car and thus would be chauffer driven but it isn't? If that is the case the advt. would fit entry level sedans like dzire and logan better.


Or they are trying to show its a drivers car? if So the owners experesion isn't captured right.
no it could mean either of the following two things- either the valet wasnt paying attention to who's driving up OR the owner of car looks like a "driver"

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