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hi dear experts


i want to purchase the new bike

currently i have HH passion 2001 model now i want to upgrade it

i want that bike which have low maintainance, fule efficency, and looks also.

my driving condition is hills because i belongs to himachal pardesh.

 i can choose from some bike

.pls experts u can suggest me which have the value for money


HH Hunk.....

HH CBZ Extream.....

YAMHA Apachee.....

Pulsur DTSi


or some other u suggest

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Please  provide comparison chart

for these bikes with features on the ground of

Max Power, engine capacity ,max speed ,fuel consumption,length,ground clearance ,type of brake ,width of tyre ,Riding comfort,overall height,ground clearance,durability,Maintenence Cost, looks,display meter

and give marks to each bike out of 15

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go for hh hunk  .......both r good bikes...............as it is a hilly area u need good ride & handling.........for which hunk is a specialist.......better resale value ... ...it has better overall build quality ....compared....... RTR gives u poor ride & it is cramped also .....its is good only for track.....not for hilly roads.......

other choice is FZ 150 but ...not yet launched ......it surely will be a good bike....

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i am a very satisfied owner of a cbz xtreme since last 15 months and the maintenance costs are very low. i have yet not encountered any problem with the bike except for the FE in the range of 40-45kmpl. if u feel ok with this mileage then go for it or hunk as both have same engines and underpinnings. test ride both of them and go for the one which you like more. bot tvs and bajaj bikes are high on maintenance costs.

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