Facelifted Innova spied! (Pic on pg 4)


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Please guys this Innova is no more innovative!! smiley4.gif You can't call a mishmash of changed tail lamps and bumpers a face lift. The car sells for over 7 lacs and does not even have a decent mud guard under the wheel arches.

The front bumpers are in place with means of a thin metal plate which is easily visible just under the wheel arch.

What is the company selling.

A Bumper according to me is the first line of defence in event of a crash and fabricating some crude angles to hold a bumper in place is a compelete no no.

Even a TATA Indica has a proper mud guard under the wheel arches with properly designed click fit and turned ends screwed together.

Another part which looks unfinished is the rear suspension arm which looks like another exhaust pipe near each of the rear wheels. What was the problem with Toyota to finish it off with a plastic end cap with a relector, if they wanted to make it functional.

This new bumper experiment i am sure would be another of the above.

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In order to keep investments low, Toyota has shared more than usual components in its products across categories. An eg. is similar design interiors in Innova, Corolla, Fortuner, Camry, etc. Exterior body design & parts are also shared across segments.  This practice has rendered Toyota products monotonous & boring. Wheras innovative carmakers like Honda are making their products as diff. as possible & as a result each one of them is a success.

Toyota needs to rethink its strategy in cost cutting & not get completely swept away by the idea.

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Though the new bumper does try to inject a bit of agression in to Innova it doesn't gel with the face. And most probably Toyota being Toyota will increase the price atleast by 30-50k especially if the automatic climate control is introduced and all of us as usual will be left wanting for more smiley18.gif. Hope the Ingenio comes out asap and is a worthy rival to the innova.

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