Worst road offenders

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I would likwe to have a view on which category of road users are the worst road offenders.

My views:

Highways: 1. Buses & Trucks in that order.

                 2. Tractors

City: 1. Three wheelers (Tempo/TSR)

         2. Buses

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Fully agree with your views, add villagers crossing in their bicycles through the cuts on highways, also riding mopeds wrong side or overloaded Marutas, Tractors and Tata ACE or bullock carts wrong side, dont forget the biggest bane of driving in cities, zig zagging two wheelers and cyclists, knock em down even if its no fault of yours and its surefire lynch, actually lynching is another topic that has to be started, I was recently asked a question by one of my friends in US who read about a horrific lynching of a driver by villagers while he was travelling in South India, a jaywalking villager got hit but didnt die, he got hurt though and the poor driver of the vehicle paid with his life.

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it's the Police

lets look at bald facts

there are 1,00,000 deaths each year on our roads

( this does not include all accidents or accidents where no one was killed )


The split for the responsibility is as follows


the data says 30 percent are caused because the rules are not followed (a)

another 23 percent are due to the poor condition of our roads and highways (B) and another 26 percent are due to poorly maintained vehicles ©


a) lets take rules not followed


- who gives anybody a license without any serious test ( you know who)

- who does not enforce any strict code of conduct on our roads and lets    everyone break the rules ( right again )

- who flouts the rules themselves ( drives on the wrong side of the road, wears no seatbelts, have only recently started wearing helmets ( Yeah yeah yeah )

- and have you EVER seen a highway cop except at an accident ? They think they are undertakers



B)  poor conditions of roads and highways


- ever heard of overloading - well that's the most common reason for roads breaking up. do cops control it ? yes around 10 -15 percent. what is the amount of trucks that run legal loads - less than 10




c) poorly maintianed vehicles


- who has to make sure cars and trucks are road worthy after a centain number of years ( you got it)

- who passes all manner of junk as roadworthy ( only one in 10 cabs is road worth and only 3 in ten trucks are fit to run on highways. and we are not talking ricks and other private cars here either)




now calculate percent on percent


yes it is a very scary number


no one is saying the police have an easy job

no one says they are well paid and well looked after


but we really need to get out of the 30's as far as our road  police is concerned














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Someone remarked to a terrified Briton on his visit to India that about 70,000 people die on the road every year.  He exclaimed "wow, only so much?!" I heard of an Israeli who preferred to walk in Mumbai rather than take a cab or a rick.  Little did he know that he didn't stand a chance that way either!


The problems in India are well-known to us Indians and the West.   A change is much needed and yearned for and we have to blame our system for that.  Sometimes we wish that military rule be enforced here instead of democracy.  We have taken our sense of freedom perhaps a bit too far.


Road safety is a culture, that has to be in everyone from our politicians, police, commuters and the ever-important pedestrian.  How many of us actually stop in a Zebra lane for the occassional old lady who is trying to cross the chaos of traffic?  If there is no policeman around, we would rather ignore her and save us the trouble of stopping and then starting the car again, saving "valuable" time. 


Hopefully the growing economy will bring better living conditions and better awareness among common people.  In India the basic needs of the majority of people are not met to their satisfaction.  So they have no time to think about their safety, let alone road safety.  Once their basic needs are met, their attention will turn to other needs.  It is ironical that safety is a primary need but it is overlooked when the human mind is overshadowed by other problems. 


We could make a difference in our roads, by being more humane to each other and bringing safety in front of anything we do.  We should realise that the police have nothing to do with us wearing seat belts and it is best worn in our own interests. Let's hope that we develop a healthy safety culture that will save thousands of lives.



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