GMsays: several parties interested in Hummer brand


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smiley1.gif ..Hi friends............. General Motors Corp says several outside parties are interested in buying its Hummer brand, known for its huge, rugged vehicles that come with poor fuel economy.
GM announced in June that it would review the brand for potential sale in an era of $4 per gallon ($1.05 a litre) gasoline.
Company spokesman Tom Wilkinson would not comment on reports that GM is talking with Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. about buying the iconic brand.
"We're talking to a number of parties that are interested in Hummer," Wilkinson said Thursday. "We can't comment on negotiations at this point."
Industry analysts have mentioned Mahindra as well as India's Tata Motors Ltd, which just acquired the Land Rover and Jaguar brands from Ford Motor Co, as possible buyers. Chinese automakers also are possible suitors.
Hummer sales are down more than 40 percent for the first half of the year, when compared with the same period last year.
GM shares fell 6 cents to $11.34 in afternoon trading.(Cybersteering).........smiley17.gif





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Yes, Mahindra & Tata are considered to be the frontrunners in acquiring Hummer.

It would be extremely good if Mahindra finally succeeds , its been into jeeps for time immemorial. Mahindra has also built up a defence vehicle on the lines of a Humvee.

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hope tata or M&m just buy this company....i just love HUMMER..smiley27.gif
i know bluesapphire you are a very big fan of hummer n u hav its replica too!! i also like it thats very good car!smiley4.gif......but personally i think if M&M acquires it then it will be more better ..bcoz now TATA has already Jaguar n LR in its hands so lets give this chance to M&M...smiley36.gif  
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M&M Axe !! Yup !! thats really our indian hummer ! i saw it in auto Expo its really very nice car .....but the sad thing is that its not available for us!..

M&M said its evaluating AXE for Indian market, maybe we will be able to buy it by next year! But 1st. M&M has to supply it to Indian Army & also has to export , as some countries have shown interest.

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