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HMm .. GREAT manufacturers all of them ... but i feel porsche rulezz .. but out f the three Merc has always been the best for most people around the world but personally i like BMW !!!!

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The BMW M5. Because once the kids have been dropped off at school, you can still shame pretty much anything else on the highway. And besides, I don't think performance saloons need more than 500bhp anyway. 550bhp E63AMG or 580bhp RS6, pointless. Though I suppose I'd change this opinion once the next M5 comes along (twin turbo 4.4V8??) hmm?


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Audi is the new merc  - great engineering' date=' solid build, fantastic performance and as understated as you can get


BMW - is the still the best overall - drives and designed like a sports car, but with all the creature comforts and frills


MERC ? - S Class is the best car in the world - 100 percent, but for C and E they are in the process of BMWising their cars - the C drives much better, the new E will too - and design wise they have a new solid looking identity - as on the C - no more soft forms say the designers - merc is the most difficult to define today


WHAT CAR would i choose - without a test drive


BMW every time - if you love drivign the 3 is just nirvana


I had a look at the recent sales numbers of these cars and found that BMW without the mini cooper and Rolls is about the same level of sales for the month of September as the Mercedes (~120k cars). BMW with the Mini is about 144k cars. The mercedes numbers include brands such as Mayback etc. The Audi sells about 80k cars. Some inferences that I have are as follows...


The Mercedes sales seems to be going downwards since they have a new model in the C Class and they dont seem to be selling enough to overtake a BMW who does not have a new product launch in the portfolio a the moment.


It would be interesting to see Audi's sales numbers once the new A4 hits the market.


I personally drive a Merc and like it, but it clearly seems that the Merc world wide is not doing well. In India, I expect the Merc to take a bigger hit since they are stingy on the features on features and loose all differentiators if any that they have world wide. For example, electronically adjustable memory seats are standard on the BMW 325i in India, but this feature is not available in even the E Class, even though you end up paying a premium for this car.


Surely makes you think that a switch will be better value for money :-(.


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