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People who do not understand ABS often state that ABS does not make braking distances shorter but merely allows for steering while braking' date=' and this is simply not true - ABS will bring a car to a halt in a shorter distance regardless of the type or condition of the road, in dry, wet and even on ice, because it keeps the tyres in a cycle near the point of maximum retardation with an efficiency beyond any human capability. It is for this very real safety advantage that from the 1st July 2004 it will be unlawful for a new car without ABS to be on sold in the UK.

There is one exception - dirt. Locked wheels will stop you faster. BUT they won't let you steer, again. That makes ABS better anyway.

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Well locked would increase the distance as static fricton is more than kinetic .In lock up kinetic friction gets formed so more stopping distance. FRG told me this from a link.

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