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Come September and The New Corolla cometh...

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very internal pics.....jus for you  n not to be shared....u can find the pics on the net tooo

Regards ,


Sr Officer - Facility & Service Dept

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Ph +91-80-XXXXXXXX, Ext- XXXX


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corolla is the largest selling car in the history of automobiles...its sold more than 20 mill  cars worldwide till date...  :)

it will not come with a diesel engine to india in the near future......

it will debut with a 1.8L VVTI  petrol engine......at this moment we are not exactly aware of the specs of the new vehicle as the broucheres are not out yet ...we might have to wait till the launch on sept 5th ,

Yea right in Bidadi Factory near Bangalore

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Thanks Manish and siddhanth...Seems like Toyota is agressive in India with its Corolla atleast....But i didnt liked the rear part but still it will be good car. The buyers who want simple yet royale ride will buy this otherwise for sportiness nobody can beat civic ..Civic can be beaten only by its own next Gen model which m sure Honda will be working on that...But this time i Hope that Corolla comes with New tech Auto-box unlike Camry and current corolla with dated one..I saw in pic given by manish that corolla still has old auto box but i Hope its different here...

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