Can some one give me feeback on Pulsar 220

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Zander: Hey arent instructor license holders supposed too answer queries smiley2.gif 

as or the P220, its the best there is on offer, your only other choices are a used Comet, or a new Mach 500. I wouldnt recommend a new Zma, its not worth spending that much now that there is better tech available around the same range, a used one would do fine!


Happy Choosing

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Hi guys can you please give me some valuable feedback one this bike. the only other option i have is the Karizma R


Firstly, a big hello to all! This is my first post here!smiley1.gif


Ok, now to answer your queries!


Firstly I need to know which bike you currently ride? I read somewhere on the forum that you currently have a CBZ! So well first start with that, since you already are a HH customer, you would be in love with the Honda engine that the CBZ comes with. So the Karizma would be a natural stepping stone for you. Coz the Karizma is the elder brother of the CBZ. You will get the same feel, smoothness and reliability that you got out of your old CBZ.


Ill list out the +ves and -ves of both the bikes




1.Tried and tested


3.Can be repaired almost anywhere

4.Honda smoothness

5.Great mod potential looks


1.BAD mileage

2.Performance not upto the mark compared to 220s 20 PS!

3.regular issues that crop up like the chain tenshioner screw, bulbs fusing, plastic cracking etc


P 220


1.Great performance you can smoke quite a few 2 strokes too..

2.awesome mileage 40+ even under ripping (coz of the FI)

3.lots of goodies(tubeless tyres, projection lamps,warning sensors,clipon handlebars,better display)

4.Brilliant handling

5.Confident braking(dual discs)

6.Cheaper to maintain.


1.Bajaj is slightly lower in quality as far as parts are concerned

2.fairing vibrations

3.not yet totally tried and tested!

4.Problematic rear disk rusting easily


Theres a lot more to write about dude...but dont have that much patience esp as this is my first post!

Ill just sum it up here


Buy the Karizma if you want peace of mind!

Buy the 220 if you can maintain regularly, and want mileage+performance+stares from people+mini superbike feeling+goodies+VFM


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^^ See the prob with that is the drop in mileage from Karizma, as it is the mileage sucks! Any increase in power will result in further drop in mileage. Now that can be sorted out by plonking in a FI system, but see this the HH Glamour retails at 50 K (approx.) and the Glamour FI at 60 K (approx.). Putting in a FI into the Karizma would mean an increase in cost for an already over priced bike!

Even after that, the goodies offered by bajaj on the 220 would still mean that the Karizma looks like old haggard and 220 looks like Lindsay Lohan :)!

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Zander - well the 500 is of course in a league of its own, I reviewed that bike a bit back, and came away impressed, although the lack  of thump from the newer AVLs frightens me for lack of nostalgia!


As for the P220, well, it depends on what you want to know,


- Its fast

- Its got by far the best throttle response across Indian Production Bikes (thank Fi for that)

- The same Fi should ensure a steady mileage (not high, steady)

- It corners like it was made for it (thank the longer wheelbase for that)

- It does NOT do wheelies very well, it lifts, but feels funny, (thank the wheelbase for that too!)

- The front end looks like pinochhio came to India (my personal opinion, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and all that!)

- Projector lamps are simply awesome (light it up on a dark street to know what I mean)

- gearbox could have been better (but its still a lot better than older gen Ps)

- Rear Disc lacks bite, they have apparently left it that way to let buyers get acclimatised to the whole point of rear discs and Indian riding conditions, I still feel the calipers and pads could have done wit an alteration, but the front is sufficient!)

- Rear tyre too fat (a 120 would have sufficed, and added a few horses here and there, again, in my own opinion)

- Exhaust lacks grunt, its throaty, but quite quiet if your wearing a helmet!

- Handle bars non adjustable and raised (more sport tourer, than sport)


Overall - probably the best bike money can buy in India (not counting grey market imports and used bikes)


The Mach 500 is excellent, but  it needs some ironing out too!


If  you want a complete review, let me know, I tested it a while back, have it on my blog :-)


Happy choosing!


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ok theres no edit button so cant really add this to my previous post, if the admin or moderators could copy-paste this to the one above, or leave this the way it is, as proper, it would be appreciated.   - This is my test. (Pics on this one are not mine, they are from google images!)  - This one has all the pics you need! (Exclusive pics taken by me)

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@Maximus: Who said the P 220 cant wheelie pops some of the most stable wheelies ive ever done!


Just let go of the clutch at 6 K RPM and see the magic man....its a very good stunting machine...even better than the Karizma thanks to that toruqey engine....2 gear wheelies....are also a treat to watch!


And the tyre is a 120 section does the job...see the bike sleeping around twisties with ease!


The rear disc is a single caliper variety! Its meant to be progressive...and not have the bite like the front disc...and not lock up like drum brakes! The overall braking is VERY good!


But I agree with you on the looks department! The bikes design is not balanced!

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@FRG: I dont own the bike, though almost ended in buying it...would have bought it too if wasnt under transfer!

Anyways if you want I can post my test ride report in another thread!


Chicane too has test ridden the bike...he will have test drive report too!!!

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Praful - well IMHO, I prefer to see the front end in front of me rather than in another country when its up on one wheel! :-) maybe its just me, but it feels distinctively funny up on one wheel ( this can also be attributed to the fact that I had a P180 few years back and that was quite a wheelie machine and felt better, maybe I sub consciously expected the same feel out of this one, though unlikely). Id still feel safer up on one on any of the 150s..


The rear is 120? The one I tested had 130 out rear!! interesting! I need to get back to the showroom, something is fishy!


The rear should have had more bite, progressive or not, this is India, not everyone uses the front as much as they should, and rear happy riders are going to have some scary moments!


Agree with you on the overalll brake rating, I did say in the post that the front is sufficient (keeping minimal rear in mind too!)


ps - wheelie around 4k working up to balance point was more fun (thats the way I normally wheelie, from the 2 stroke days smiley2.gif ) but then again, I dont ride very well, so my analysis of the machine could well be wrong!

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Well Im dead sure about the 120 rear!!!  


Yep, Both the Pulsar 200 and the Pulsar 220 does have a 120 section rear tyres.


Indians do like a "healthy rear end" (pun intended). smiley2.gif

Just look around at the outrageous mods that guys carry out. There are umpteen bikes zipping around with "Fat" rear ends.


I am sure a 120 section rear tyre on the Karizma instead of its 100 section will shave off its performance. At the same time putting a 100 section rear tyre on the Pulsar will give it more "Zip".


But then the 120 section rear is just so sexy to behold..!!  smiley1.gif

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hismiley17.gif I m AJIT SINGH.okay now what i would like to suggest is to GO IN for p220 dts-fi because :

*First of all it is equipped with features like fuel injection engine which is superior to karizma Rs in terms of  torque,power,fuel economy n latest technologysmiley19.gif..

*2ndly p220 is packed with A LOT OF STANDARD EQUIPPMENTS which are not at all peresent in karizma R like oil cooler,vartically mounted headlights,digital speedo,lead tail lamp,rear disc,stepped seats,grab rail,clip on handlebars,backlit switches,only self start no kick provided n lot moresmiley19.gif....

that is U get VALUE 4 UR MONEYsmiley17.gif...

**ALSO I will let u know is that actually p220 was launched last year in PUNE n due to some starting problems in some of the models they were recalled back by BAJAJ n those sold are runnig if those ones are doing well then u can judge that the now launched p220 will be MORE REFINED because now bajaj engg. would have worked on bike from every aspect to make it PROBLEM FREE..


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