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Hi everyone,
Colin Goodwin here - as in the Good Life. Lover of fast cars, motorcycles and aeroplanes. And of India, of course. Looking forward to getting stuck into some good discussions with other forum members. Theres certainly plenty to talk about.

Current garage is as follows: 1970 Porsche 911S and 1985 Mercedes 280SL. New Fiat 500 on order, should arrive early next year. Very ashamed to say that I dont currently have a bike. Its the longest Ive gone without a motorcycle since I was 13. I have my eye on a new Triumph Street Triple - my wife says we can have one when her Mercedes is in good shape. It might take a while. Before that Indias greatest motorcyclist, Rishad Cooper, will have to be consulted on the choice.

Anything anyone wants to know about motoring in Europe just drop me a line. You know where to find me. Ill be doing the same just before our trip to Northern India next April. Bye for now. CG
FuelRunGod2007-08-15 23:02:46

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Colin, its great to have such a well-known journo on our forum at this early stage. We look forward to reading about your experiences behind the wheel of all those gorgeous cars. you are one lucky guy!

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Hey dude good to see you here you give good articles which help us link with the world .I knew you will come because I read you saying that you had joint the indian form.


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