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Hey cyrus how do u fix those wheels and u have some pre-installed Automobile parts in ur Photoshop..


Nope..Though woudnt that be lovely. No, these wheels, bumpers etc have been copied from another car and then has been grafted onto this picture.


Here is a tutorial a.k.a. a photoshoppers bible.


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Thanks Guys

@ Cyrus

The grills used is of  the Ferrari F250 concept car. I know it looks bad but thaught of keepin it since me is a Ferrari fan.


Making of the car include parts of











raceon2008-08-25 11:31:23
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Yes Yes!! Very funny!! And NO that is not my real nose. I have not had a nosejob!! hehehe..Zavo' date=' good memories this picture will have!!


This is how i really look like!!






Yes.. that is how you look.. AFTER YOUR NOSE JOB!
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