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I modd a Sumo Grande with paint brush. This monster can be made a beauty in mins. I just applied mini-theme to it.







A FERRARI RED sumo grande with these simple modd will make other Indian SUVs run for cover
creativebala2009-10-10 18:12:31

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Superb editing Cyrus, as always but this one seems the best work of yours, it looks so original. Those alloys too look good although seeing those one can understand that its PS job as these are not from Rolls family and generally no one likes the change or add any accessory on Rolls.

@Archit, nice Fiat 500, its better job than your past jobs, keep it up.

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Was having a boring day' date=' so decided to do something on Xylo Mini.

Made it but if the ratio to former is seen it goes to 3.9 metres, so it will be a little longer.



Yeah. It looks as if it has been rear-ended.smiley36.gif

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YES!!!! Perfect one Archit. Good Going!! Keep it up. Now, to make it better, select the lower parts of the bumper, the lower grille and the fog lights section and blacken them out and fill them with a mesh. Also lower the bumper a little bit. You can do that by simple making a duplicate layer and then extending the selected portion. Come on!! You can Do it!! I know you can!! Make me proud! :)

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