Photoshop Thread.

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@Vibhor' date=' That is a Brilliant Chop buddy!! That is very very clean work!!



@BS, You still havent given me a bigger resolution picture for your car!

Will it do if i post it here itself..
bluesapphire2008-12-22 07:40:14

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@BornFree : I think Octy is a notch but laura is saloon!, if not, then atleast the one in pic(original) is a saloon!smiley1.gif


@CYRUS : thanks alot buddy!!...check out this one also..i've done few more li'l blacked out headlamps, no antenna, door handles(which are not so good!lolz!..also no rear wiper n F.foglamp!...n its boot is even more clearly chopped than the previous!smiley1.gif

EDIT: I will also try to convert this one into coupe!:-)


vibhor2008-12-22 11:59:14

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My Frnd's Santro



Modded - Sideskirts, TSW Rims, K&N Sticker, Smokeddd out tailights, and Carbon Fibre gas tank cap...



PLssss guys dont put this car in ur profile like on Orkut's Album, etc. etc.

thank you
CYRUS432009-03-22 19:32:40

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