RTR FI versus R15

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When the appropriate time and need comes' date=' I will give my phone numbers and address. Revealing details about one self  to a stranger.Prudence doesn't suggest that. Moreover i am  not free or idle sitting at home to play all such sort of game. [/quote']

 haa haa haa smiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gifsmiley36.gif


Boss, whats your profession. Are you idle at home. Or just can come anytime or what?I don't find even 15 mins in day.

My professional is IT (Gognizant). Hobby is riding a bike. Mon to Fri I will be in office Sat & Sun our team will tear the highway (2 Thunderbird, 2 Karizma, 1 P220, 1 R15, 2 RTR, 1 RTR fi). I am not a guy simply sitting in the home or wasting my father

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