which bike to buy?

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Hey hi all!!

I am planning to buy an bike in the 125cc to 160cc range.

I have short listed 5 bikes...

  • Honda Shine
  • Honda Stunner
  • TVS Flame
  • TVS Apache

  • Hero Honda Hunk
I visited the two-wheeler showrooms and was quite confused which one to select.smiley5.gif

i have shortlisted apache and hunk among the above... but im not sure abt that... heard apache had some vibration problem, but im not sure abt that..

i driver around 30 to 40 Kms daily..

I need a descent mileage and power too is an important factor..

can anyone help me out...

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go for hunk....thats ur is reliable......and also ......more comfortable to ride.....

it has got best in class ride & handling.......has got decent power .....

apache has got stiff suspension ...& and riding positin is toooo.sporty......which lead to discomfort.....

has got more power than  hunk.......

u may also check other the forums to get more.......idea about these bikes......

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Hunk is taller than the Apache, but it gives me a feeling that the curves on it are overdone. Agreed about the seating position is upright in the hunk that means more air damping happens due to the rider! the height of hunk poses an addition to the air block!

Coming to the Apache, its build very aerodynamically and has a ver good ride quality better handling in city traffic and has a very sporty feel to it, Comes with a rear disc for better braking. Its also much quicker off the block as compared to the hunk!


All said and done, both bikes have their own chunks and hits! i have driven both and i feel Apache is what you are looking for! but then its u who is shelling out tht money. :)

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i would prefer Hunk..coz its HH and it means its reliable and if u wanna use it for long period its for u..

has got good looks, comfort, good riding position, decent mileage and power...and good service back-up too..

for 125cc i would recommend u stunner..

m seeing too much of stunners in my city nowadays and it really looks premium and better than all 150/160cc has got excellent response from consumers thus we are having 2.5 months of waiting despite of having 3 dealers....actaully its best combination of premium looks, good mileage and decent power...

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The apache is the way to go... its a bike with a lot of attitude and packs a PUNCH ! Its quick and comfi and the free reving engine lets u know the true meaning of freedom... has better power and style though the milage will b marginally lesser than the hunk but its worth every buck u spend... make a wise choice...

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