Suggestions For The SpeedRun

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1. More safety

2. Paid covered spectator area

3. Better croud control.

4. Less people in the holding area

5. Less people in the Parc Ferme

6. A BETTER MC.. all the ones so far have sucked. Last year there.. according to the MC .. was a 14000 cc 2 stroke car category.. I mean COME ON!!!!


Thats all I can think of so far... await more thoughts.

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My suggestion is that we should get a compere who knows a thing or two about vehicles or should at least be given an opportunity to study the bike and car list  - with competitor nos matching the bikes.....last year we had a lady who did not know anything about the vehicles and said ' the yellow bike' the blue bike' etc.

Since many of the entries are in advance, this may be possible.

Also, is it possible to have any kind of projection screens put up ( with a timer) - with a half  shade on top to keep out the sun. It would be great if people in the pits and outside the main stand could at least see the action  even if they don't have a pass.

I know how tough it is to organise ANY kind of event , especailly one with high speed bikes and cars. Great job guys. Keep it up!


Otherwise the vent was fabulous and am looking forward to being there this year.

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d crowd shld had been controlled, d cover over d food stalls was not intact it was blowing wit d air so much dirt would hav entered d eatables, people standing at d barricades were ok...... but dey shld  hav been stopped frm  taking chairs n standing  der as it was diff. fr d people sitting 2 watch nything .

  Besides all dese d event was cool , i appreciate d initiative of AUTOCAR n other sponsors n ppl. who made this event so wonderful.

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ISNT 6 YEARS FOR A COMAPNY LIKE AUTOCAR TO GET AN EVENT RIGHT ????????????????????????????????????????????????


Partcipants cant watch the races ?????

Superbikes called at 7AM and made to run at 4PM..........

Prize distrobution 1 1/2 hours after the event is over?????????.

Prize Ditrobution under street lights , with no mic eventually and then we`re told to go home without our prizes because cops came in ???????????????


I hope things are SERIOUSLY looked into instead of making the spectators and participants wonder if they should have attended the event or not. 

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One thing the stands height should be high no one could see the lambo or elisce properly ,lack of space and small place to walk were other few irritating things .Also check the carpeting on mountain road they are too temporary one may be badly hurt.

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How about renaming this thread Suggestions and problems faced at the speed run..

FRG..smiley20.gif I PROMISE to behave myself (till provoked by anything/anyone) Scouts honour!!smiley4.gif

Zavo2008-03-07 09:13:20

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Lets do something constructive this time shall we.




I TOTALLY 100000000000000000000% agree..

But then something constructive means NOT BEING IGNORED BY THE POWERS THAT BE PLEASE!!smiley32.gifsmiley32.gifsmiley32.gif


EDIT.. that includes people logging in with other ID's.. accusing people posting here for working for a rival mag, stuff like that.. what say Manish?

To me. that was just totally utterly downright CHEAP
Zavo2008-03-07 09:21:05

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pls have a look at






and then do add your commemnts to the thread

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Here are a few suggestions from my end:

Get rid of the street stock class, reasons:

The marshalls cannot open every car to see if one has cheated

Visually street stock and pro-stock will always look the same

Stop people from bending the rules:

Last year my car was not allowed into the competition area because I had 2 types of forced induction on my car but this time it was all out for anyone who participated:

Engine swaps allowed in prostock?

Front Doors / Full Car fibered but did not have a roll cage?

Prostock level modded cars participating in street class

Car's driving in multiple categories when the SR did not allow one from entering the same.

Get better scrutineers:

Preferably Mechs who can identify if the mechanicals are ciorrrect instead of just seeing the brakes and the seatbelts work.

Stop Changing rules:

SR released 15 days before speed run and changed once entries were made??? Where did the turbo classes go

The SR needs to be finalised at least a year before any changes are made so that we all have time prepare and enter cars accordingly.

Let all drag events run off one common SR controlled by MAI preferably.

Understand how car classifications run:

Imagine running 1400 cc turbo against 3000cc turbo thats what the multiplication rule says?

For 2 years running of turbo's against nitrous cars was allowed who had the brain wave to stop the same? Or is it people are scared of loosing to turbo's?

Get the pro's to write the rules

It even said that there is no multiplication in the forced induction in the SR when that was pointed out they said Nitrous is not forced induction Huh?

Stop pleasing the masses and let the pro's thrive:

why should there be so many stock and pro stock classes while people who own seriously modded cars are sitting away like ducks coz the dont have a shot at winning anything because of the rules?

Do we want people going slower each year??? then why do we need modded cars at all, let us also stop people from entering 10 sec cars maybe it would make more sense then.

The participants too have a right to watch the races and not be cooped up into a holding pen, they shell out more than the general public.

The participants need to know the timing instead of only showing it to the general public.


We have not been participants in the drag only for one year and have been part of it some way or another over the years hence let us all enjoy the sport and thrive instead of having a crib session year after year.


Let us remember it was called "Speed Run" not "Slow Run" and let the spirit of the sport grow instead of making it a free for all.

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