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Teflon Coating

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Hi I have recently bought the SX4 black colour. At the time of the delivery the saleperson suggested that I shud get a teflon coating specially becoz it is a black car and prone to ugly looking scratches. However, he also suggested that I wait for he rains to get over and get it done from any Maruti auth service station.

I want to know

1) what this teflon coating is all about and whether it really protects the car from scratches as much as it is said to be?

2) If it is really useful, where can I get it done from, Maruti auth serv stations or any other accessory / teflon specialist (if any)? I live in Delhi.

3) What is the expected cost for getting the same done?

4) Does one need to repeat the treatment at regular intervals?

Look forward to your help..

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You should have got it done from Maruti dealer for free, most of dealers do it for free before delivery.

Yes, it offers little protection against very minor scratches. But is most useful in preventing scratches due to improper washing & wiping techniques. Also, dust & particles do not stand on it like they do on normal paint.

You can get it done from anywhere, but stick to authorized Teflon coating experts.

Cost is between 1500-3k. One can get 3 years warranty with an expensive package, in which 2-3 further coatings are done for free.

With Teflon your car will have extra shine & grace.

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Thanks Speed, Well, the dealer has already given me a reasonable discount and accessories (key less cent locking + gear lock) and was not ready for any further goodies. Does Maruti offer to put this coating and is it worth while to get it done from them or outside?

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