Best 125 cc bike

Which is the best 125 cc bike in india?  

35 members have voted

  1. 1. Which is the best 125 cc bike in india?

    • Super splendor
    • Glamour
    • XCD 125 DTS SI
    • Gladiator
    • Suzuki Zeus
    • Suzuki Heat
    • Honda Shine
    • Honda Stunner
    • Glamour pgm FI

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Well guys...I owned the HONDA STUNNER recently...and its really a Stunning bike i've been quoted right here.. 

The looks are awesome and its pretty much beautiful rather that those BAJAJ's and many other segments in 125 CC bikes...

The Real Stunning Quote about the HONDA STUNNER is tat this is a kind

of bike which really appeals u lot to drive bcoz of its improved

ergonomics  and fuel efficiency ofcourse (as claimed about 60+ kmpl by

co.). One thing i liked most its ride quality and the peppy engine

which could sqeesed on highway rapidly and with lots of pleasure while

driving (especially with ur GF !..sitting back on 2nd step seat at


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SO far only 24 votes and as per the voting positions are

1. Stunner     15

2.XCD         05

3.Gladiator   02

It shows XCD is much better than Gladiator  ,Yamaha should think about it.


and it is requested that vote for better conclusion

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guys! my friend owns a XCD & we went on many longdrives till now, highest being 400kms(Bangalore - Jog Falls) & lowest being 90kms. That bike never had any problem till now! agree that we give it for regular services ontime r as & when needed.

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every one praise gladi for its looks ' date='ride ,handling etc....also encourage other to buy it......<in forums>
but when comes to voting,....or buying ppl go for ..cramped ....XCD



You are right ,and most have voted for stunner,only because of its looks,because their comments are it looks stunning.

I think looks are important but performance is also a important factor and if people  buy some particular brand they have something in mind there may be some reason .XCD should be a good bike in overall perforformance that's why people prefer it and other bikes may be most liked by forum members but not upto the mark for general public.They need something else

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Performance wise.. i can bet no one is better then Gladiator... !! Byke is so smooth even at 110 kmh , no wobbling at all.. while stunner starts vibratinmg at 80 -90 kmh.. and Gladiators powerful engine and pick up.. no comparisions.. even new glady is quite sexy in looks too n costs 5 thousands less then stunner!!...

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